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Chin Implant

What is a Chin Implant?

Chin implants can improve the size and projection of a weak chin. Chins that are not in proportion with the forehead and mid-face can seem to disappear into the neck, hindering the balance of the face.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Individuals who wish to improve the projection of a weak or receding chin can often benefit from a chin implant. Those who wish to correct facial deformities from injury or congenital conditions can also benefit. A consultation with Dr. Ehrmantraut can help to best determine if this procedure is right for you.

The Procedure

Prior to the procedure, Dr. Ehrmantraut will place surgical markings on the treatment area to assist in where to place the implant and what underlying structures to avoid. General anesthesia will be administered, and small incisions near the treatment area will be made. A pocket will be made in the chin area, and the implant will be inserted using a sterilized clamp. Incisions will then be closed with sutures.


Postoperative swelling and bruising may occur, as well as moderate discomfort, which can be controlled with pain medication. Cold compresses can be applied to the treatment site to reduce discomfort. Some patients may be restricted to a soft diet during recovery. Patients should be able to return to work within a week. Following Dr. Ehrmantraut’s specific post-op instructions can ensure a safe and quick recovery.

If you are interested in improving the projection or size of your chin for a more proportionate facial appearance, a chin implant may be able to help. Contact our Maryland office today to schedule your initial consultation.
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