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Implant Exchange
Unfortunately, breast implants do not last forever. Many complications can occur to breast implants, such as leaks or capsular contractures that will require patients to have to undergo breast implant exchange procedures. It is estimated that on average a women with breast impants will have to undergo an exchange surgery every 15 years. There are many options available to patients who have to undergo an exchange surgery.

One option is to just have the implants removed without having new implants inserted. In many cases your health insurance will cover this procedure, especially if you have silicone gel implants.

Another option is to have the implants removed and new ones inserted. If you feel that your breast implant has deflated, the vendor of the implant may be able to offer some financial assitance toward the exchange surgery. If you have painful, harden capsular contractures your health insurance many cover the removal of the implants and you will only be responsible to pay for the re-insertion of breast implants.

Dr. Ehrmantraut is very experienced at performing breast implant exchange procedures and has helped many southern Maryland women restore their breasts during the last eight years. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Ehrmantraut just contact us or call 410.414.9844.
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