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Restylane® Refyne

What is Refyne?

Refyne is a Restylane injectable that uses a specific formulation of hyaluronic acid to add volume to the lower face. More specifically, it can correct mild nasolabial or marionette folds around the mouth or nose. These are common signs of aging caused by a loss of volume, allowing the skin to sag and fold. Hyaluronic acid is an effective filler because it’s a substance found naturally in the body that is responsible for retaining moisture and keeping the skin supple. Thus, it can be easily absorbed into the body over time. Refyne is known for producing natural-looking results that still allow for regular movements like chewing or smiling, meaning you won’t appear ‘frozen’ or stuffed.

How are Refyne Injections Performed?

Refyne requires a quick and easy injection session that can be eased with a topical anesthetic at the injection site. Then, the product is injected using a very fine needle along a pattern that yields natural results. This can require multiple, small injections to make sure the product is evenly dispersed and fully treats the area. Overall, the injection process can take as little as fifteen minutes.


There is no downtime required for injectable treatments, meaning you can return to your regular schedule immediately. Most patients experience some swelling, redness, or itchiness at the injection site, but this commonly subsides quickly. Results with Refyne can last for up to one year and can be combined with certain skin treatments for added results.

Injectable treatments can be a great way to boost your confidence without a surgical procedure. To discuss your options with Restylane Refyne, contact our office and schedule an appointment Dr. Ehrmantraut.

Looking for something rewarding? Restylane products are part of Galerma’s ASPIRE Rewards program where you can earn points towards discounts and other perks with your injectable treatments. Ask about ASPIRE during your consultation and earn up to 400 points during your Restylane Refyne treatment.
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