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Earlobe Repair

What is Earlobe Repair?

Earlobe repair is done in the event that the earlobe has been stretched over time due to earrings or some sort of trauma has occurred to rip the earlobe. This injury to the earlobe typically looks like a tear and can occur on earlobes that are a little bit thinner or lobes that have been stretched past their threshold. When the earlobe experiences some trauma many people do not like the appearance of their earlobes and seek to cosmetically repair them. Earlobe repair is also necessary to repair the damage caused by gauge earrings.

How is Earlobe Repair Performed?

Depending on your unique situation, this will dictate the method used to repair the earlobe. There are a few different techniques can be performed to close the tear. It may be necessary to redistribute the tissue to reshape the ear in order to match your natural shape. Earlobe repair is performed as an outpatient procedure in Dr. Ehrmantraut’s office in Maryland.


After the earlobe repair procedure, most patients will not need a prescription filled for pain medication. Dr. Ehrmantraut typically recommends over-the-counter medications to manage any pain or inflammation you may be experiencing. In most cases, the only topical protection needed is a thin layer of antibiotic ointment over the stitches. These sutures are usually removed about a week post procedure, as long as the tear has healed properly. Dr. Ehrmantraut will talk to you about specific post-procedure care instructions before you leave the office.

If you have a torn earlobe and need a repair to restore the shape, contact our Maryland office today to schedule an appointment! We proudly serve patients all over the state of Maryland and Northern Virginia.
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