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Nail Bed Repair

What is Nail Bed Repair?

Nail bed injuries most commonly occur when the nail bed is bent or broken, or when the nail is crushed between a larger object. Common injuries to the nail bed include subungual hematoma, nail bed laceration, and nail bed avulsion. Nail bed repair is done to help the nail begin healing.

How is Nail Bed Repair Done?

Dr. Ehrmantraut will begin by performing a physical exam to check the nail bed. X-rays may be ordered to further examine the damaged area. Depending on the type of injury to the nail bed, different treatment options will take place.

In the case of subungual hematoma, which caused bleeding beneath the nail, drainage of the hematoma will be performed.

With nail bed lacerations, which include laceration of the nail and nail bed, nail removal may be completed.

Avulsion injuries, which are the most severe, and include the tearing away of the underlying nail bed, nail bed removal will be completed.


Following nail bed repair, patients should return to the office in 2-5 days for an appointment to check that the nail is healing correctly. Depending on the severity of you nail bed injury, pain may be present, which can be controlled with pain medications. Dr. Ehrmantraut will provide you with specific post-treatment instructions to help ensure a safe recovery.

If you have experienced a nail bed injury, contact our Maryland office today to schedule an appointment! We serve patients in the southern Maryland, Annapolis and Arlington, VA areas.
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