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Scar Revision

What is Scar Revision?

Scar revision is the treatment of a scar in which the original wound was closed in a way that is not aesthetically pleasing or distorts the original appearance of the skin. Some people form keloid scars which are raised, red and itch. This goal of this procedure is to minimize the appearance of a scar even if it has already healed, in a way that better blends in with the surrounding skin and to relieve symptoms.

How is scar Revision performed?

The location and extent of the scar will depend on the method used to correct it. Scar revision can be even be done using minimally invasive procedures such as topical ointments or lasers. However, if the scar is quite large and requires a more intensive treatment for correction. The following steps describe the process of a surgical scar revision.

  • Numbing or Anesthesia – For the patient’s comfort, Dr. Ehrmantraut will choose a method of anesthesia or numbing to treat the area of the scar.
  • Incision – For deeper, more complex scars, an incision may be needed, and the old scar excised, for proper correction of an older scar.
  • Closure – The technique of creating and closing a new incision is called “layered closure”. Layered Closure is the use of suture below the surface of the skin and gradually closing the incision to the surface. This provides a more uniform look and better position of a scar for better flexibility.


Once scar revision is completed, the initial healing period may include some swelling and redness. These side effects along with any discomfort should resolve within 1-2 weeks. After the initial healing has taken place and any sutures that need to be removed are removed, the new scar will continue to heal and fade. Once the scar is stable and healed enough, you may seek further aesthetic improvement through minimally invasive cosmetic treatments such as lasers or chemical peels. Dr. Ehrmantraut will also recommend using silicone gel sheets over the incision to help minimize the scar.

If you are in Maryland and have a scar that you unhappy with the appearance of, contact Dr. Ehrmantraut’s office today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Ehrmantraut offers a variety of scar revision techniques that can help you feel more comfortable with your scar.
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