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Skin Tumors

What are Skin Tumors?

Skin tumors are non-cancerous and typically harmless but do have the potential to cause some pain or cosmetic issues due to size and position. These lumps are non-cancerous closed masses of tissue that are comprised of benign cells. In addition to skin masses, skin tumors can also include cysts, warts, seborrheic keratoses, lipomas and nevi. The actual cause of skin tumors is unknown however some people may be more susceptible to developing based on family genetics.

How are Skin Tumors Treated?

While removal is not necessary, the size and location of the tumor can be intrusive and affect one’s self-confidence. However, if you or your doctor determine that removal should be done the following methods are the most commonly used.

  • Curettage with electrodesiccation – This involves scraping away the growth with a sharp “scoop-like” surgical instrument called a curette. A needle-shaped electrosurgical device is then used to stop bleeding between layers.
  • Surgical excision – The most straight forward method; this involves cutting into the skin and removing the growth. Once fully removed, the wound is closed using sutures.
  • Cryosurgery – for this method of removal, liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the skin to freeze the skin abnormality and prevent further growth.


Since these methods are either minimally invasive or relatively quick, outpatient procedures, pain can be managed using over the counter medication. As far as the dressing, using a topical antibiotic and a simple bandage can help protect the healing wound or sutures until you are directed to do otherwise by your doctor.

If you have a skin mass that is bothering you that would like tested or removed, contact our Maryland office today to schedule an appointment! We proudly serve patients all over the state of Maryland.
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